Jose canseco dating lawyer

The couple got together in 2008 and his wife was planning on having twins early in 2015.Caption: Jose Canseco with wife Leila Knight in 2013.Josie posed last year for Playboy, which had garlanded her Playmate Of The Month for June 2016, and around that time she dished to Too Fab about the gig.Gossiping: 'My dad claims that he had no idea, which I think is false,' she revealed that 'I specifically remember bringing it up, but then again my dad lives in Vegas, we talk here and there but we're also not incredibly close.'She's confided that: 'He was a little taken aback. "'Saying: It was so funny and I totally thought he knew and for a second I felt bad,' she conceded that 'I think any father, all of a sudden seeing their daughter in Playboy and having no idea would kind of be taken aback.'She's recalled: 'I called him and talked to him about it, I think he saw the pictures and I was like: "Dad, I wouldn't have done it if it was nude. It doesn't pay to play matchmaker for Jose Canseco least according to a Hollywood manager who claims she set the former baseball star up on a date, only to get screwed herself.From beating up tourist in Miami beach to getting arrested for using steroids, Jose Canseco is mostly known as a troublesome celebrity and the trouble he creates or gets himself into in not limited to his professional life.

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And Josie Canseco, 21, bared a little skin of her own on Wednesday night as the model flashed her pert posterior for cameras as she tried to enter West Hollywood nightclub Delilah.

The reality TV star was out for a night on the town with girlfriends and were heading into the exclusive hotspot to 'join in the fun' with Canadian rapper Drake, according to TMZ.

In video obtained by TMZ, the daughter of confessed baseball drug cheat Jose Canseco, 53, arrives at the club with two girlfriends.

But their plans to party with Drake are temporarily thwarted when the door to the club appears to be locked.

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