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Dawn's demands continue, so Jase does more jobs for his associate.When he comes home beaten and bloodied, he is forced to admit to Dawn that he is working for Terry Bates once again.

Jase adopts Summer and his name is added to her birth certificate, after Dawn had left it blank when Summer was born.

Upon cancelling his stag night to collect £100,000 for Terry, Jase reluctantly takes Billy on as a getaway driver, revealing his intention to steal Terry's money.

They agree to split the money 60/40, however upon arriving at the location of the job, there is no money, only a note stating that Terry and his men have Jay hostage and the job is a setup.

When they arrive back at the flat in search of Jay, Jase and Billy are greeted by Terry and his men wielding baseball bats.

Eventually, the confrontation between Jase, Terry and his men leads to violence; Jase and Billy manage to save Jay, but in the ensuing fight, Jase is brutally beaten up by Terry's men.

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