Is aaron eckhart dating anyone

Nearly a decade after his breakthrough role as a sociopathic misogynist in Neil La Bute’s In the Company of Men, he earned a Golden Globe nomination for his role as a debatably crooked tobacco lobbyist in 2006’s Thank You for Smoking. I’m happy with how I look, but I really don’t think that’s how people see me — as this good-looking guy. It’s interesting because I didn’t play him that way, but I definitely think an argument can be made there. Let’s talk about No Reservations, in which you play a chef opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones. No, but I think maybe I get special treatment without me really knowing it.

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She is also serving as a Global Ambassador for Population Services International's Five & Alive program and also in Operation Smile.She participated as a contestant on Model Latina in 2008, where she was crowned the first ever champion, and awarded a ,000 contract with Q Management! The couple may very well be able to make it through the busy year.They have already been together for the past five years (they began dating in 2011) and since they now share a house together, they’ll be happy to return to each other when the World Tour is over. I mean, what do we really know about Aaron Eckhart?I’m not calling him Elton John or anything, but this whole “I will never tell anyone anything about anything in my life, ever” stuff reeks of “I’ve got some big secrets.” And for goodness sake, it’s not like Molly Sims is the kind of girl anyone would be ashamed of!

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