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As long as UNSCOM is prevented from carrying out its mission, the effort to monitor Iraqi compliance with Resolution 687 becomes a dangerous shell game.Neither the United States nor the global community can afford to allow Saddam Hussein to continue on this path." Sen. 12, 1998 "Iraq is a long way from [here], but what happens there matters a great deal here.He subjected the people of Kuwait to unspeakable atrocities -- and among those maimed and murdered, innocent children." During the first Gulf War, on February 4, 1991, the Washington Times wrote an titled, "Terrorist Camps Deserted in Iraq." The article reported that several terrorist camps inside Iraq were abandoned shortly after the start of the allied bombing campaign.One camp in the western desert was operated by the terrorist Abu Nidal for weapons and explosives training.

"One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. Saddam Hussein has spent the better part of this decade, and much of his nation's wealth, not on providing for the Iraqi people, but on developing nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and the missiles to deliver them." President Clinton, Jan. "Fateful decisions will be made in the days and weeks ahead.

The article reported, "Hussein is one of the world's foremost sponsors of terrorism. The answer is clear: The world could wait no longer.

Numbered among his clients are a varied assortment of highjackers, bombers and kidnappers around the world." On January 16, 1991 President George H. Bush announced that twenty eight countries with forces in the Gulf began military operations to remove Saddam Hussein's army from Kuwait. Sanctions, though having some effect, showed no signs of accomplishing their objective.

Sanctions were tried for well over 5 months, and we and our allies concluded that sanctions alone would not force Saddam from Kuwait.

While the world waited, Saddam Hussein systematically raped, pillaged, and plundered a tiny nation, no threat to his own.

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