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He may actually just be nervous to say something stupid even if you clicked.

He still values a potential relationship with you, but he's scared to do pretty much anything because he's so afraid to lose it.

My main focus at the moment is school and my grades, and all a relationship would do is distract me from that.

With a relationship comes inevitable stress and conflict and frankly, I already have enough of that in my life.

He simply doesn't know what step to take now and there's a lot of pressure to make that next move.From personal experience, most boys that come in any sort of “romantic” contact with me are usually just trying to get physical; and I speak for most girls when I say this.I get it, you’re a teenage boy, but keep it to yourself please. Usually, all it takes is a “tell me about your day” or just any sort of attention at all.On the other hand, there are boys who are genuinely interested in you as a person but just have absolutely no idea how to properly treat a girl. Just don’t act like your “girlfriend” doesn’t exist and that’s a good start.Dating at this age can be complicated in more ways than just one.

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