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I don't have to do that very often, though, because I'm also very blunt when I don't want to give someone my number.

So if you're texting me in the first place, I'm probably going to say yes.

If you're not familiar, a "long, slow good-bye" is a strategically and subtly reduced frequency of contact. My reasoning is equally as selfish as the method itself: The "long, slow good-bye" is followed by an ominous feeling of guilt and self-contempt if you have even a morsel of a conscience.

Additionally, your formerly blissful nights spent at Dorrian's and Bounce will be forever marred by hauntingly inevitable run-ins with past dumpees.

If trying to make someone feel more comfortable so that they want to have sex with you is harassment, then my girlfriend harassed me last Saturday when I wasn't in the mood, and then I was.(Obviously, because women are so dumb and easily confused that they just can't make any decisions about whether they want to have sex for themselves.)Instead of recommending that men and women engage in honest communication about sex, Savoy recommends that men tease women and joke about whatever perceived insecurities might be keeping her sexual desires at bay.He calls this conversational technique "embedding." We call it "emotional manipulation." Understandably, women on the internet were furious about the article, prompting a firestorm of criticism on Twitter: By suggesting that men focus on outmaneuvering sexually reluctant women, the article suggests not only that men should engage in coercion and manipulation to get into women's pants, but also (and perhaps more offensively) that women are dumb enough to buy it.Because Murphy's Law is real, the man dialed it in front of me then proceeded to shame me in front of my fellow passengers. That I would always be kind but honest if asked out—usually a, 'No thank you' is enough—and 2. I've pulled the 'family emergency out of town' far too many times, and my real low point was when I told a guy that my sister was in the hospital when she is perfectly healthy.That I would never blame it on having a partner, because I should be allowed to just not like someone and not feel bad about it."Gillian, 23 "I don't like to condone lying, BUT I lie constantly when it comes to dating and/or getting out of dating. To be fair, I usually pull this crap with Tinder dates and I'm much nicer with actual prospects, set-ups, and people I've actually met IRL.

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