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However, spells from Ihe hea ling subschool and upernatural abilities that cure hit point damage Or ability damage provide only half their normal effect to a warforged, -The unusual physical construct ion of war-forged them vulnerable to certain spells and effects that normally don't affect Uving creatures. The iron in the body of a warforged makes him vul nerable to r Llsting grasp. R PRINCIPALITIES The residents of the Lhazaar Principalities are primarily human fishers. Some artificers cr-eate magic .iterns for the com mori good, while othe rs seek LO create items of rremendous destcucrive power. -A warforged derives its H it Dice, base attack bonus progression, saving throws, and skill points from the class il selects. a warfol"ged is not im mu ne to mind-affe ting spells and abilities. Damage dealt LO a warforged can be healed by a cure light wounds spell or a repair light damage spell. and a warforged is vu Jnerable to di~Clbleconstruct and harm. Skills, Profession (fisher), Profession (mercbant), Profession (pr Ivateer), Profession (sailor), Profession (shipwright), Profession (whaler). N orrwarforged n arives of this area have Cyre as their region of o:rigi n , Classes, E, nghtel', rogue. They ar e more interested in their work than in its mor-al implications. All the rules you need to playa character belonging to one of these "facesare found in ihe Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide. The countries and "egions of ih e world II re described in much greater dera i Lin Chapter 7: Life in the World These choices are not in tended to be restrictive, si nee except ions alwaysexist to such general rules. J, SQ.a (Huge ke consrrtcror), Holds: (light or Mror to the Eldeen Reaches, the chronicler Varur a, and their oped quickly. Thondred, Tho nd red teamed rna rual tradition of monk/rogues. Siunned and UMurp e:racll Y whot had just happened. )' among the shallered wood and spilled goblets. Ifyou do nol heed my Ildllice, paladin, I mnllol be held n respon.;ible foryour continued safet Y." TIl ,ern drew hcm/f .10 lie" full height, She t Oll Jered auer tire small crearur2S. nothing ever Ih rcaten ed the secl uded mo nastery. Jr of To IU6'$ , Halhuran a,rum~d thai Ih e legend was 10 garner more monry from the travelers passi ng through. Hal/,aran gal a J7ash oj danger from Ihe figure, bu t before he 'ou lei '$ololr" and focus h is will, the slronger jumped around Ihe room, The kalas Mar noliced thol others were 0150 h idelen wilhin cloaks, .illing scottered throughoutlhe room. it belonged to someone in Ihe i,m'sguesl rooms, Tla] were ... Hal/loran slarled 10 rise Just os Ihe new arriuoililrew bod hil hood. The olhu cloaked figures re~ealed tliemseloel as goblim and kobold" eoch shouting ,. fuil must be deall wiln, na matter its source, Hatharo« mminde.d himself. Their quest has led them as far as the city of Shar n, and along the young monk, become dose friends. ma~ times have I wornedyau about in terfering in Watch business? "More times than I care to remember, constable," lhe charlgeling replied, '"but we both know. He served briefly in the Last War as a scout for the Au nd ai r ian forces, but he eventually lost his taste f OT" the conflict that had lorn apa Tt the great kingdom of Gal Jfar. He decided kept her io a holddiscussed and instead ing cell for a few days. and open reconsider case wound and and other conversation He did not preach discussion he to make the changeling society of Sharn., When jurisdiction. and senr two magic mlmies int O' the 100rge hobgoblin', chest. wlln the k Glosh/ar back OJ] top in his ballle, Ural turned to rhed' on the hal J1ing barburion. the two of them maued toward the Willi beneath the staircase Iha! Options: A nuru bel' of option s, particularly item creation, are appealing to wizards, '0 around 42 Feats: Attune Magic Weapon, Bind Elenlental, Except.icnal Artlsan. L~gendary Artisan, Spontaneous Casting, Wand Mastery. BA-KISTI TH~ WIZARD Barisll the wi ZJlrd enlered /he library and waited for the gnome clerk 10 apprsl-7\h Action Point Dj ee (dfi) Rolled. and the monster real m of Dr oaam are sign; ficant playe TS in the political scene of Khorvaire. that hobgoblins, goblins, bugbeau, orcs, guolls, and a var iety of other creatures commonly viewed as monsters might appear as player characters in an EBERRON campaign. Classes: Cleric (the Undying Court), ranger, wizard. In addition, a character's "eglon of origin can dictate his selection of an i mal companions (i f he is II d euid or ranger) This section describes the most common choices of game-related options for each known region of Eberron. Magic Arms essence Metamagic Crafl Wand Bonus Feat ana Armor bonus feat , 40 60 80 100 150 200 3 3 3 3 :3 2 :3 3 4 5 spell triggef 2 2 :3 :3 3 3 3 .. and be and Oru he met a gnome Friendship develas she looks c rocod ile, hor L'id ba dge-. After the war, the warforged went to Sha.m ill search of his crea tor, t be d wa rf artificer gave Azm his name, advenrurers in lind i he that I ie outside the rnorrk Dhakaani dans of Darguu Il., for example. )', avoiding Inc half-arc's lunginggrosp. thol she WOlind up .tanding tal/wit ile the half- orc crruhed into () neor~ lobl.e. Without C/ monk and» paladin trailing around behind 11.. Paladins of the a recalled a strict exalted Ufe, and a-re mysdca J1y even clerics. ber jam und raised Jlk ' If ~er IOwa I'd. Dudng ail the rime the Last War raged across Khorvaire. "For Durgllu n I" the hobgoblin shouled as he slid a weapon Jmm under his doak. After re, i h at er-upted to determine the way and why. carries a composite longbow with a sh immering si Iver bowstring, and has a pair of short swords strapped to his thighs. near the Eldeen Reaches border, where he learned the skills of the ranger. An orphan, she found a home with the Dar1 Tower Gang, a minor changeling crime family operating in the un.derbelly of the City ef Towers. her way to a life of crime Dolorn of I he City Watch rhe ] usrice, and showing arrested promise as a rogue not to when Tam's 1 ife took a new direction send her before after Constable her. the d Iy, began ethics, to her, but through Tam and the cons-table topics. in discovering in any ancient spell, the lost secrets of ancient Prestige Clam ru in could be the secrets Lo add to a wiz- URAL D' ORIEN THE SORCERER P~lldemontlim Mgn~d III the illn ot First Tame.·. Patron or fled the odes (If the of a long-forgotten ar-ds a rse na Wizard focused a new weapon 1. A mult iclass warforged's figheer class does not count when determining whether he takes an exper ience point penalty for m.uhiclas1iing, Sharn (in Breland), and thus have more in common with the huraa ns of Breland than with other elves.. Feats, Favored in House E• Prestige Classes, Dragonmark heir". of Wi nter" , Favored in House , Gatekeeper lnlti ate! he ir of Siberys E, hor-izon walker, were touched maste,; E. CISD The natives of eyre are a people without a home since the utter destruction of the nation in the La H War. Gyre was a peaceful land witha long tradit ion of ar risansh ip. but it plays a lesser role than for most spellcasters. Thr portal opened onto a grwt stone staircase tha I descended even deeper inlo the ruins buried beneath Ihe secretconlinenlof Xen' drik. laking hi, plare at the head oj the marrhi Jlg order. )'ou Sure the", areartifacls willliagfor us below? lie suroived Ihe Chamber oj a Thousand Perils," Thandred replied. arf Of-ged didn't exacll Y ha.7Je blood, He rounded the clwue of the stair and stvpped, not qt,ite lure what il was I Iolocked /tis ! TIt e crea t 11re reo red back and SC"'fen ed an angry ha '9', ' Ll spiked ten/ades slicing through air like barbed whips. massive fingero, listen'ngfar the so ti'.fyingpf Fp ofthejain! is the seve nt b son of to performing duties the patriarch the Dark Tower Gang and went into business freelance Dolom. herself-a 0 rien: one of t be great raerca nlile skills to feed his love barbarian. cell, and r-esc ued a Mror Holds noble along the Dagger Always also has feels his Ihat II of Eberron River. His abilities Eben'on, the Dragon t him to search he bas a better II rcarie for meaning chance in the draconic more about Prophecy. sorcerers tied 10 t he magic of the world-and the magic of dragons. RON cia i m to wield mys- WIZARD Wiza-I'ds stand in the apart arcane from.

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A warforged takes damage from heat metal and chill me! Likewise, a war forged is affected by repe J metal Of ! The creature takes 2d6 points of damage from the pel.l (Reflex half, save DC 14- caster-s ability mod ifier). Religion: Many artificers revere the deity Onatar, Lord of Fire and Forge. too preoccupied with mastering magic-lududing divine magic-to worry about the gads who mayor may not be the source of magic. arrificers learn their era ft through long years of hard study.

FIl-I EDITORS Ml CHELI.: CARTER CHKISTOPHER PERKlt-l S JOH}l RATELIFF DESIO, MANACER CHRIsr DPHER DEVU. ENT P RKfl'o I DAVE ALLSOp, KALMA~ Al' JDRASOFSZKY, JOHl'-l Avol' J, TEO BEARG . ' Il'"CH Enrros LAGl C KIM MOHAl'" DIRECTOR 01" RPC R&D BILL SLAVICSEK ART ! She wu Id endure this estabiishmen t of temptation long enough to have hr meeting. Kosho stepped O(TO,; Ihe crowded paor, making her w'! Sh~ remembered "eadillg .omewhrre thcrl inquisihves alw~s met theit clients in shodoll! As their fame grew, the advenlurers earned enough money to fund an expedition to the mysterious continent of Xen' dr lk. I he doing here I" Sara» wandered as he nocked On arr OW in h ISsiluer bow. Rogue Options: Prestige classes can help define the role of a l'ogue in Eben-on, from the explorer del Ving into the ruin of' Xen'dr ik to the inquisitive plunging Into the mysteries of Shar n's criminal underworld. The bo4J ofille shopkeeper had been removed, but the watchman col Jld shll e XOnllne Ihe telltole signs of the murder-the drying blood, the shuttered l! ]bo.r, the bloodrlolflcd ledger" The constable removed hi S hat and shook hi.! ]l'5 noticed dues that less skilled inqui.,itiues uften missed. that the than is higher Acti vate Class Feature, DC fo r creati ng such a n item, as in d i cate din 2 Least action points to gain another the Plryer~ Handbook.

RECTOR RAP ROBERT COVER R ILLl1STRATLO WAY_~E R Yl'"OLD SCULPTED COVER D~ DAl"JII.: L HAWKIl"J GRAPHIC DESIGNER IC DENIS ABBOn: AARO~ ALBERG. Though eac h of thecompany 's membe rs has somerh ing 1.0 gain from such a journey, Sarav is worried that 6e m Jght also learn something ter-rible about h is h.eritage on the secret continent. As em e.1f and moreoeer a.l a ranger, he Ih rived m tlte greal outdoors. Thai Iwd to do with heryoungfr dqys as a siree: thief. Item Acldtc Ihe Alche m ist's lightn in.g Craft U1C following number smite undead, evil. Infusion, sun Craft DC Alchemy Alchemy On his ru r n, an Alchern iar's rr OS!

DEVELQPME ROB l"J1 KAl ITH LAZZARETTI PECl All T BILL SLAVICSEK GA"I,u; DESIGN GR. They view the dragons of that ccnrinern as divine patrons and protectors, and i neorporate draconic elements into their clothing and culture. Her adll EIl/uring "ompan'ion Thiera had warned her that thl' l Ilorld au_tside their m Ollastery was differen! ),she discovered 0 new difference Ihul added olle more c-rock to the foundation o J her faith. Ranger Options: The new feats and prestige classes in this book offer some interesting choices for ranger characters. Animal Componions: See the Animal Companions section on page 36. and eventua lly he made h is way to the wondrous coastal cily of harn , There. " J1Je elf rushed to the edge of the O~S5 and peered down. Rogues are found in city, town, and village;n Eberron. Other rogues work to solve crimes either as freelance i nq nisi rives or i nq uiaitive agents of church 0" crown. master inqu ive, ROGUE TAM THE ROGUE The officer wearing the un iform of the City Watch nodded to the guord 01 the door and stepped inl' O Ihe apothecary. She was a free/once inqw SI'liue, and she had used this trick more than once to gain OCce S5 to D crime scene. doing his best to keep the hobgoblin a wqy from the b a rbo ria n, Urlli, one of Ih~ /essl'r son; of House Orien, happened to be 011 Ilis wl! as well as a few special points pel·fo~m described prestige spend specific orve of the I actions some materials that are more difficult Craft In to addition, work with than their mundaneequivalents.

JU'e UC PRODUCTION ERIN DORRIES IMACE TECH ROBEKf PROD ICl AJ.'1 ITH BAKER BILL SLAYTCSEK JAMES WYATI GAME DEVELOP ffi NT K JORDAl' J M AC£RS CTION JESSE D, Jo H ISCHER RAl"JDALL INTERTOR KER DOl"JAI CREWS ILLUSTRATION MICHAEL Al'"DKEW 1. TOMM COKl: R, RAI-A GARR , FRAZER JRVn-: G, Al' JDREW JOl' JES, DAl' JA Kl'l UTSOl' J. MOYER, LUCIO PARRILLO, MARTIl' JA PILCEROYA, STEVE PRESCOTT; Al' Jl.i E STOKES, MARK TEDI~. R, SAM WOOD, JAMES ZHAl'l G CO PT Iu.u STRATl ON DA~A KNUTSO"'" TEY" PRESCOTI' MARK Tt OIN PUYT£STI NC AN D Ao VJCl: E MANACER Al"JDREW MA J. She brushed aside such negali"1le thaughts and sti'f1med fa find her qua rry. He was suppased to have some informalioll aboul the attack on her man as/ery. B~fore $he wllid get very for, 0 lorge, strong half-a,', 111 grin_ryleo-Iher grobbed her ! Feats: Beast Totem, Totem Companion, Urban Tracking. he joined forces with a dwarf artificer and a warfol'ged fighter. though most common criminals are experts or warriors. A few PUL the ir ski lis to work hu n t i ng for Ireasure in ancient ruins. Bottles and urns were SCI) tiered ond broken, a cha Ir W05 overturned, and a table was on its side. h IS flesh flowed and his hair grew inlo long, pale wisps. "Now to figure out how the murderer got inla and out of 0 lacked shop," she smd to as she ;lor/ed to walk the floor, Her searching '! check classes and feats allow you to gain or activate You can spend use of one of music. or rebu ke Des for these items are given on the table below. ral of e these DCs are expressed as "base x," which means DC to create the normal an item from that substance action points abilities.

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