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the continent southeast of Khorvaire, and the nea rby island of Sere n. Raglng Luckf, Prestige Classes, D,'ago D disciple. Any monk may choose Monastic Training as her bonus feat at at Chu rch of the Silver flame can 1 he fall into heresy 01' even 1M, 2nd, or 6th level. to the normal options Ildoptanevil bm a paladin almost alignmen_t and still retain all his abilities, rnust rise above cor r-upt ion that plagues KASHA THIS MONK The twern wa, dark olld 5ma9, jilled with the most droerse collection of beings fhat Kasho had 2v~r;eell ill alit place. " Tlliero slminl'd to make out GI: Jthing ill/he darknl'5S ahead. was severel y wounded to protect guilt consumes her over he.r failure Feat: Strong Mind. Iu an act of penance, even younger than herself, attacked Kasha, the monastery &he now journeys seeking HALHARA. The e Eldeen rangers are very imilar in outlook LO the members of the druid sects, placing a greater emphasis on martial h'aining t h an on spiritual discipline. The go b Ull S, along wifh a couple ofkobolds and it hobgsblm, were ,houffng slagons from [he Last War und proclaiming vic/ary for the man'rer nation of D0l! A ka.loshta,; olle of tho.e aotic humam from across -the sea, had joined in the fight Imd WIl,! He abo happelled 10 be it sorcerer, Gnd he hod Gn all nq,rillg bell t for .honor and fa ir play thai' his father said WGS go. the result action speda of a d20 to CRAf T Chapter 6, Advent uring Equipment includes a number of to new items that can be made using the Craft (alchemy) skill. Classes: Monk, psion", psychic warrior, rogue, soulknife", wilder", Skills, Autohypnosts", Knowledge (psionics)". RGONNESSEN an Tribes of human barbarians inhabit the northern coast of Argonnesseu. Feats: DTagon Rage£., DTagon Totem , Extend Rage'. pair of adventurers allows a monk multi classing circumvent the usual restrictions against to learn one of these rnon k t "ad it io n s. "How's nbouilleac/you somelhmg Hint's not In "'9' o Jthos. Like fighten, paladins can use to enhance of them their abi Lity in combat, faciln ated two new prestige the Church Greater of the P",wer~ Powerful warforged with and enlfor, and nu fur,ther 11I7rm will come 10 the fo ith or the fa Hhfu I. in Eberron an unknown Thtera attacked and destroyed in the battle; the monks w ith a man k who and ally focuson Feats and prestige classes from the Expanded Psiom,s Handbook, though one new Feat is int reduced in th is book as well. h is own now wid, fling a raglag group turers, including barbarian, these a half-elf others than and a human venience, to be Dark. although Unsure with how to pursue m i szio n , he has j Oined i he out of con- t he i r common o f Vo] rather foe appean Blood the Dreaming Evtl is evil. Like druids, orne rangen patrol the wilds of the Eldeen Reachesvpun i hing poachers and protect i ng the creatures 1ive there. thin meioiloois appeared in Tam's de Aierous fingers, retrieved fram hidden p Ollches and pock~ts, and she quick! ping b(lrbarilln charged int OIl group of WI' Gpon-onmdishing goblins. Mark·of De~eetion SPECIAL ACTIONS Instead roll, of altering you car» use below. since the motivations and outlook of dragons are far removed from what is familiar to the humanoids of' Eber ron , Similarly, salmagin and drow are not ideal races for player characters. R The residents of Adar are mostly human and kalashtar, Their opposition to the Inspired rulers of Ried TIIdefines thearculture , and many of them have lear-ned effective techniques for psionic powers. A charaeter's race does not necessarily have any bearillg ou his J'egion of origin, An elf character, for example. Aererialor from Valenarvor he might come from II long line of elves that live in the dty of A. mostly human but i nterm ingled wit h the other com m OD races, value both education and agr iculture. Training to Feat, described Oil page 57, up with another l UTing company. fn a place such as Sharn, in particular, where tbe ebu rches are so rife with cor rupttor», paladins arise to every church bring justice action points to the people. PSj Qnl C:l If YOIl do not have access to the Expunded book, do notuse Psionic ps iori ic characters Psionic Options: characters Hand UIf U- in your game. II was Said to be the fir.1 tower euer built I'n the v,cin,! file Inn'l door swung open tr W), lei ting a blosl of wind and r Oin rush in. B~for F Holharan could act, a holf/ing barbarian-one of the in n5 patrons--{:horged l:nto Ihe goblin.lwifh wild obondon. She continually beneficence usefulness reassures Kasha of the Silver questioning Flame's her own and power, while secretly and purpose completing his trainof the to Shar n to fight the agents Lnspi red in Khcrvai inn t hrew Outside Sha rn, a battle him togethe.r II hal in a roadside of advencleric. Atypical partr of adventurers RANGER Rangers migbt come from background similar to those of barbarians. Like barbarians, they ate often found in the wild places of the world (J, many make their homes in mor-e urban environments as well). many rangers served in the Last War (usually as scouts) and have either retired or switched to adventuring careers. She dealt with the trap mecham'sm fir,1., d ISConnecting the trip w Ire and drsablmg a geor. Tam used her skifls to free herself rhe cell (i t rea llywasn't roguel. 1pect was the murderer on bel' evaluation him which of the as a "oom as a ha! 1 15th-20th 2 3 an act ion pain Certain to irn prove the result of check, a level check, class features 1"011. this you add the r-esult declare that you rolled most basic use you spend number an action point. Each time you attain a new level, you gain a fresh supply of action points equal to 5 112 your character level. Any action points you didn't spend at your previous level are lost. the process Charactec~ Level ht 2nd-3rd determine issues In effect, your supply of action points h~e after been related to level advancement becomes of a roll of Id6 to your d20 roll to help you meet or exceed for the rol L Youcan do so before I" this determinatio.n slep 10 in spe nd ing an act ion point of you after you b ave already (see pages 58-59 of the Pl~)'er's Handbook). II the d20, but you must reveals the result point roll (whether the Dungeon Master the attack roll or You can't use check ,... to improve damage roll damage er ihe sa me lime as they to spend an they know make their ers shouldn't action point how much In a game with action their for concealment. rule is that a player must decide whether before making any deterrni nation or the effect of a d20 roll. they must decide whether attack rolls before a successful attack would deal.

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JU'e UC PRODUCTION ERIN DORRIES IMACE TECH ROBEKf PROD ICl AJ.'1 ITH BAKER BILL SLAYTCSEK JAMES WYATI GAME DEVELOP ffi NT K JORDAl' J M AC£RS CTION JESSE D, Jo H ISCHER RAl"JDALL INTERTOR KER DOl"JAI CREWS ILLUSTRATION MICHAEL Al'"DKEW 1. TOMM COKl: R, RAI-A GARR , FRAZER JRVn-: G, Al' JDREW JOl' JES, DAl' JA Kl'l UTSOl' J. MOYER, LUCIO PARRILLO, MARTIl' JA PILCEROYA, STEVE PRESCOTT; Al' Jl.i E STOKES, MARK TEDI~. R, SAM WOOD, JAMES ZHAl'l G CO PT Iu.u STRATl ON DA~A KNUTSO"'" TEY" PRESCOTI' MARK Tt OIN PUYT£STI NC AN D Ao VJCl: E MANACER Al"JDREW MA J. She brushed aside such negali"1le thaughts and sti'f1med fa find her qua rry. He was suppased to have some informalioll aboul the attack on her man as/ery. B~fore $he wllid get very for, 0 lorge, strong half-a,', 111 grin_ryleo-Iher grobbed her ! Feats: Beast Totem, Totem Companion, Urban Tracking. he joined forces with a dwarf artificer and a warfol'ged fighter. though most common criminals are experts or warriors. A few PUL the ir ski lis to work hu n t i ng for Ireasure in ancient ruins. Bottles and urns were SCI) tiered ond broken, a cha Ir W05 overturned, and a table was on its side. h IS flesh flowed and his hair grew inlo long, pale wisps. "Now to figure out how the murderer got inla and out of 0 lacked shop," she smd to as she ;lor/ed to walk the floor, Her searching '! check classes and feats allow you to gain or activate You can spend use of one of music. or rebu ke Des for these items are given on the table below. ral of e these DCs are expressed as "base x," which means DC to create the normal an item from that substance action points abilities.

All the rules you need to playa character belonging to one of these "facesare found in ihe Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide. The countries and "egions of ih e world II re described in much greater dera i Lin Chapter 7: Life in the World These choices are not in tended to be restrictive, si nee except ions alwaysexist to such general rules. J, SQ.a (Huge ke consrrtcror), Holds: (light or Mror to the Eldeen Reaches, the chronicler Varur a, and their oped quickly. Thondred, Tho nd red teamed rna rual tradition of monk/rogues. Siunned and UMurp e:racll Y whot had just happened. )' among the shallered wood and spilled goblets. Ifyou do nol heed my Ildllice, paladin, I mnllol be held n respon.;ible foryour continued safet Y." TIl ,ern drew hcm/f .10 lie" full height, She t Oll Jered auer tire small crearur2S. nothing ever Ih rcaten ed the secl uded mo nastery. Jr of To IU6'$ , Halhuran a,rum~d thai Ih e legend was 10 garner more monry from the travelers passi ng through. Hal/,aran gal a J7ash oj danger from Ihe figure, bu t before he 'ou lei '$ololr" and focus h is will, the slronger jumped around Ihe room, The kalas Mar noliced thol others were 0150 h idelen wilhin cloaks, .illing scottered throughoutlhe room. it belonged to someone in Ihe i,m'sguesl rooms, Tla] were ... Hal/loran slarled 10 rise Just os Ihe new arriuoililrew bod hil hood. The olhu cloaked figures re~ealed tliemseloel as goblim and kobold" eoch shouting ,. fuil must be deall wiln, na matter its source, Hatharo« mminde.d himself. Their quest has led them as far as the city of Shar n, and along the young monk, become dose friends. ma~ times have I wornedyau about in terfering in Watch business? "More times than I care to remember, constable," lhe charlgeling replied, '"but we both know. He served briefly in the Last War as a scout for the Au nd ai r ian forces, but he eventually lost his taste f OT" the conflict that had lorn apa Tt the great kingdom of Gal Jfar. He decided kept her io a holddiscussed and instead ing cell for a few days. and open reconsider case wound and and other conversation He did not preach discussion he to make the changeling society of Sharn., When jurisdiction. and senr two magic mlmies int O' the 100rge hobgoblin', chest. wlln the k Glosh/ar back OJ] top in his ballle, Ural turned to rhed' on the hal J1ing barburion. the two of them maued toward the Willi beneath the staircase Iha! Options: A nuru bel' of option s, particularly item creation, are appealing to wizards, '0 around 42 Feats: Attune Magic Weapon, Bind Elenlental, Except.icnal Artlsan. L~gendary Artisan, Spontaneous Casting, Wand Mastery. BA-KISTI TH~ WIZARD Barisll the wi ZJlrd enlered /he library and waited for the gnome clerk 10 apprsl-7\h Action Point Dj ee (dfi) Rolled.

and the monster real m of Dr oaam are sign; ficant playe TS in the political scene of Khorvaire. that hobgoblins, goblins, bugbeau, orcs, guolls, and a var iety of other creatures commonly viewed as monsters might appear as player characters in an EBERRON campaign. Classes: Cleric (the Undying Court), ranger, wizard. In addition, a character's "eglon of origin can dictate his selection of an i mal companions (i f he is II d euid or ranger) This section describes the most common choices of game-related options for each known region of Eberron. Magic Arms essence Metamagic Crafl Wand Bonus Feat ana Armor bonus feat , 40 60 80 100 150 200 3 3 3 3 :3 2 :3 3 4 5 spell triggef 2 2 :3 :3 3 3 3 .. and be and Oru he met a gnome Friendship develas she looks c rocod ile, hor L'id ba dge-. After the war, the warforged went to Sha.m ill search of his crea tor, t be d wa rf artificer gave Azm his name, advenrurers in lind i he that I ie outside the rnorrk Dhakaani dans of Darguu Il., for example. )', avoiding Inc half-arc's lunginggrosp. thol she WOlind up .tanding tal/wit ile the half- orc crruhed into () neor~ lobl.e. Without C/ monk and» paladin trailing around behind 11.. Paladins of the a recalled a strict exalted Ufe, and a-re mysdca J1y even clerics. ber jam und raised Jlk ' If ~er IOwa I'd. Dudng ail the rime the Last War raged across Khorvaire. "For Durgllu n I" the hobgoblin shouled as he slid a weapon Jmm under his doak. After re, i h at er-upted to determine the way and why. carries a composite longbow with a sh immering si Iver bowstring, and has a pair of short swords strapped to his thighs. near the Eldeen Reaches border, where he learned the skills of the ranger. An orphan, she found a home with the Dar1 Tower Gang, a minor changeling crime family operating in the un.derbelly of the City ef Towers. her way to a life of crime Dolorn of I he City Watch rhe ] usrice, and showing arrested promise as a rogue not to when Tam's 1 ife took a new direction send her before after Constable her. the d Iy, began ethics, to her, but through Tam and the cons-table topics. in discovering in any ancient spell, the lost secrets of ancient Prestige Clam ru in could be the secrets Lo add to a wiz- URAL D' ORIEN THE SORCERER P~lldemontlim Mgn~d III the illn ot First Tame.·. Patron or fled the odes (If the of a long-forgotten ar-ds a rse na Wizard focused a new weapon 1.

PETEH ARCHER, THOMAS CAMERO~, WILL CARSOl' J, MICHELE CARTER, JID-i Nl I' R CLARKE Wl LKES. Bu"l Ilere he wo s, fol/owing Thcmdred the artificer inlo anolher hole in the groulld in search of artifacts from a dis-to III age. she imogined, for thot Ir Gl11lngstill served her we I! '"Second oldest trirk in the book," She examined the wall. class Feat u res I hal has a lim ited Stunning Fist. Byeshk weapon Byeshk armor Dragonshard Or shield item Alchemy Weaponsmilhing Armor,m Var-ies a r-tificer I action point to imbue an infusion in I rourid.

JEFFRE COOK, MARTI}I DURHAM, JEFF GRUBB, ROB Hsn-soo, GWEl' IDOLY~ EM. Mare /0 the point, he hadfal/owed the dwarf to Xen'drik, a land of .hodow5 and "9'l"leries thol Sarav be/ieued had some connection 10 his elf heritage. Sarav shouted 05 he fired Illore orrows IIlto the mghtmamh creolure. Saro» dodged a en unit of ston~ knocked loose QI the WG rforged crashed into th« pillar around which the stone stairs turned. still wrapped in the beasl', bar'bed tentacles. 1M her PUrs UIt of a more legitlma/e occupation" She noticed (j few str' D' drops of blood forming CI path t01l! The dust along the base of the wall, so prominertl III other ports of the room, had been brushed to the side. e v en if the infusion's casting can spend time is normally When you longer than 25 22 22 base ~5 base 8 bas ..

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