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The conditions that allow this ease of sexual procurement to exist are casually discussed within the forums of sites like Single Man’s Paradise, slighting the underlying concerns voiced by lawmakers and the media regarding the dangers of human trafficking bubbling beneath the surface of the Hong Kong sex scene.

There are myriad ways the laws are skirted, from massage establishments with unadvertised services, to bars where honorary female employees have rather fluid roles, to put it lightly.

“If they are associated with a triad and a customer doesn’t pay them or abuses them in any way, the triad will really do something about it when the police may not, and if they are here illegally, they risk no danger of deportation.”The police say they are attempting to improve police-sex worker relations by maintaining direct liaison with sex workers via regular visits meant to “enhance exchange of crime information.” They say there are also “regular meetings with sex workers’ concern groups to discuss topics of mutual concern.” Zi Teng says that despite improvements, the mistrust runs back decades, so the process will take time.

For Zi Teng, as with other groups that advocate for sex worker rights, the ultimate goal is the decriminalization of sex work in Hong Kong.

On the 10th floor of the Fuji Building, a man in the hallway seems to be paying closer attention than the rest to our attempt to interview a sex worker.

As we proceed with our questioning, the short man in a black bandana and cropped muscle T snaps in English, “Hey! ”Unhappy with our explanation, he tells us to leave. You come with me—in here,” irritably motioning to the elevator.

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