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But girls move around a lot so if you’re reading this in the future (it’s July 2017 now) I wouldn’t be surprised if those girls aren’t there anymore. Some Korean guys like to ‘sponsor’ a bargirl, take her out of the bar and make them their live-in girlfriend, stop her working, control her movements etc. About 2-3 months later it just ends in disaster, they break up and the girl is back in the bar again.Icarus 2 is so named because there’s another Icarus in Angeles City, on Teodoro Street.But those two girls were great and I’ve barfined twice from here. skinny, no boobs or butt, cute face, 18-20 age range, will be barfined by a Korean guy if you don’t get in there early but will be happy to go with you too.They are the rare girls that like both white guys and Asians, and are ‘Asian style’. Icarus II is quite small with only about 6 – 8 girls but the barfine is cheaper, it’s open earlier in the morning if and they’re surprisingly cute.It beats Thailand on price and English speaking ability.

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Similar to Billboard, the best Bangkok gogo, which also has a gay papasan.Single lady drinks are 150 – 170 pesos () and doubles 250 – 300 pesos.I’ll do a separate post about the other gogos off walking street and the Perimeter bars, which charge less.There’s no cover charge in gogos and they don’t mind you doing a quick in out.The walking street gogos have a bit higher quality girls on average (and higher barfines).

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