Historical dating for the gospels

There is no instruction here, simply divine foreknowledge. One can still say, "anyway, wasn't Judas' betrayal a necessary part of God's plan, as the 'gospel of Judas' suggests"? It suggests the existence of predestination and determinism. However, they did not relate the truth, for their authors were not eyewitnesses or disciples of Christ.They simply called their writings 'gospels' in order to try and promote their own ideology, which in many cases was actually anti-Christian.For example, there are the so-called protogospel of James, the pseudo-gospel of Matthew, the gospel of Peter, the gospel of Nicodemus, the Arab and Armenian books of the childhood of Christ, the so-called acts of John, Andrew and Thomas, as well as the so-called revelations of Peter and of Paul.There is no doubt that this 'gospel of Judas' is an authentic copy of a piece of fiction, dating from the second century.

What was authentic has ever since part of the canon of Holy Scriptures, that we call the Bible, with its canonical books.

It shocked them that Christ did not say that salvation was only for the elite.

Unike the Gnostics, He said that it is the pure in heart who will see God and purity of heart is possible for everyone through repentance. That was why they denied Christ's bodily resurrection. Now since Judas betrayed Christ and caused his death, in other words, caused his soul to depart from his body, for the Gnostics Judas was a hero. For them therefore, Judas' betrayal was not a betrayal, but a positive act of heroism, for Judas was the reason why Christ lost his body.

For example, Luke was educated, a doctor and iconographer, but Peter, was a fisherman.

Indeed, some people believe that the Gospel of St Mark was actually dictated to the Apostle Mark by the Apostle Peter, because he himself could not read and write.

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