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There is no listing through Castle Gardens, under Petersen (and a variety of spellings) Peterdatter, or Kettler (Ketelaar).There were a significant number of Scandinavians who immigrated to Brooklyn in the 1880s, 1890s and early 1900s.

Most of the Norwegians in Red Hook came from seaport towns in Norway: Bergen, Kristiansand and Trondheim.[Ann Williams] Newman and family, Maria Chetwin, Sophia [Mason] Crook and daughter, Richard and Ann [Herbert] Godfry, Anna Herbert and son. Jeffry [or Jefferies], Richard Hardwick, Richard [F.] Turner, George Humphries and family, John Richins and family, Cresterton J. [or Louisa] Showel [Showell], Sarah West, Wm Smith and wife, Mary [Bubb] Roberts; John Bailey and family, Ellen Jones, Ann [Jewell] Rowley and family, Wm Page. [Peter] Hanson, Hareana Jergonson [Mareann Jorgensen], N[e]ils Anderson and family, Christen Jergonsen [Jorgensen], Andres [Anders] Jenson [Jensen] and family, Rasmus Hanson and wife, Carsten Jenson, Lars Vandein [Vendin or Vandelin], Peter Mortenson [Mortensen] and family. [John] Gilman [Gillman], Eliza Witbom and son, Elizabeth Panting and family, James Read [Reid] and family, Mercy Miller and son, Martha [Webb] Campkin and family. Nils Hanson and wife, Anders Jergonson [Jorgensen] and family, Sophia Peterson [Sophie Catherine Wilhelmine Kauen] and family, Oele Madson [Ole Madsen], Peter Marsen [Madsen] and family, Petrina C Janes. Son of Jens Peter Christensen; Peder Jørgensen; Maren Lauridsdatter, 2 and Maria Hansen Husband of Anne Marie Petersen and Kirstine Pedersen Father of Johanna Sophia Valentine; Mette Maria Olsen; Hans Peter Petersen; Peter O. And that movement, from the first until now, has evidenced the wisdom and truthfulness of the plans, counselings and promises of the First Presidency upon that point, so far as they were complied with. Theophilus Cop [Cox], James Harren and family, William Philpot and family, Daniel Osborne and family, Rose Key [Kay] and family, Thomas Girdlestone and family, Mary A [Ann Clark] Perkins, Samuel Gadd and family. James had twelve children by Anne and four children by Kirstine. Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel Jens was 36 years old when he traveled, along with his wife and children, with the 4th handcart company which had about 500 individuals, 100 handcarts, and 5 wagons in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Iowa City, Iowa. Willie Company (1856) TYPE: Handcart CATEGORY: Church Train DIRECTION: Westbound DEPARTURE: 15 July 1856 ARRIVAL: 9 November 1856 CAPTAIN: James Grey Willie NUMBER IN COMPANY: 506 ARRIVALS.—Capt. The eminent feasibility of the hand-cart movement had been previously demonstrated; its healthfulness is now proven by the experience of this company, late though they were and in storms, cold and snow. Mary A [Ann Fenn] Bird and family, Joseph [Laban] Wall and wife, Benjamin Culley, Rebecca Langman, Elizabeth and Jane Culley, Rebecca Pilgrim, Ann Oliver, Ann [Brummel] Cooper.

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