Guide editing and updating the new updater exe

Neo Setup performs quick, automated application installations. It will keep the applications on your PC up to date by finding updates almost immediately after they have been released.

It offers new user interface, new apps, new ways of using the computer, improvements to the older apps, etc.The process includes the following steps: Once the client machine establishes a connection to the Storage Server (on the next backup) the new settings will be pushed to the client.To verify: On a client PC, locate and open the folder C:\Program Data\Nova Stor\Nova Stor Nova BACKUP\Profiles and open the and make sure the upg= url is correct. Create a custom application build at reference, these field values may be easily accessed through your build on the Product Builder.People are talking about new builds, interface improvements, performances, apps, etc.But some smaller, yet important, changes are often overlooked.

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