Greeks dating system

The President of the Republic is required, according to the Constitution, to appoint as a Prime Minister the leader of the party that has obtained a parliamentary majority.

The checking of public spending, the control of contracts of a significant economic value where one of the contractors is the State, the checking of the finances of public persons, the submission of a report to the Parliament for the statement of accounts and balance sheets of the State is under the jurisdiction of the The adjudication of objections at the validity of national parliamentary elections, referendums and the resolution of conflicting jurisprudence between courts and administrative commissions or between the Council of State and Regular Administrative Courts, or Civil and Criminal Courts, or between the Court of Auditors and other Courts is under the jurisdiction of the Special Highest Court (All courts can examine the constitutionality of laws through judicial review, but only for the particular case before them, according to articles 93 paragraph 4 and 87 paragraph 2 of the Constitution.

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The Parliament, depending on the nature of legislation, often incorporates various relevant laws into codes.

She has attended various international conferences and summer schools. The population is Greece is a civil law country, and thus jurisprudence is not considered as a source of law.

Greece is situated in the Balkan Peninsula and it shares borders (from West to East) with, Albania, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, although article 28 of the Greek Constitution provides that international conventions ratified by Greece as well as EU legislation shall prevail over any other provision of law.

Once the bill is passed, it is sent to the President of the Democracy to promulgate and publish it in the National Gazette (The most significant form of delegation is the Presidential Decree (Proedriko Diatagma).

It is based on statutory delegation It is also published in the National Gazette.

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