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There, she worked as a research assistant for professors teaching Public and International Law.

She has received an award from the Greek Chamber of Commerce for her paper on Greek exports and an honorary scholarship from Athens University.

A draft has to be checked by the Council of State (The Parliament may also delegate power to the executive.

Thus, Ministers of the Government issue Ministerial Decisions (Ypourgikes Apofaseis) under the requirement of consequent ratification by the Parliament.

She is a member of the executive committee of the International Legal and Academic Society, an organization created by LLM students and practitioners from all over the world who are interested in pursuing an academic career.

Decisions of courts can be found in databases online, but subscription is required to obtain access.Codes are usually a form of legislation has a more concrete and structured form and they are very common in civil law systems.A lawyer wanting to address a legal inquiry would begin by looking into the general framework of codes, depending on what field of law they would be looking into, and then move to more specific legislation. Also, hard copies of the legislation can be obtained at the National Gazette office (34 Kapodistriou Street, 10432 Athens, Greece). Langley Scholar of International Legal Studies at New York University, School of Law.Maria Panezi received her first law degree from Athens University, Greece.

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