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Since the lab domain I'm using is a fairly small one of only 3 hosts at the moment I will enumerate all hosts in the domain, save them in to a variable and loop over them to update the GPO.Do to that the Computer parameter in Invoke-GPUpdate only takes from the pipeline by Value we have to use the For Each-Object cmdlet to go one by one of the onjects on the pipeline and run the cmdlet serially.List Starter GPO names: Sadly we will have to wait 90 minutes to make sure the policy is applied to all hosts we want to update GPOs remotely.Once the firewall rules have been enabled we can now use the cmdlet Invoke-GPUpdate from the Group Policy module installed on all Domain Controllers or hosts running the latest version of the Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT).You will be able to see the task running on the host and updating the policy in the example bellow.Google Chrome on Windows and Mac auto-updates itself on a regular basis.

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To clarify, I'm not talking about enabling 'Automatic Updates'. The Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet is a simple one: ] DESCRIPTION The Invoke-GPUpdate cmdlet refreshes Group Policy settings, including security settings that are set on remote computers by scheduling the running of the Gpupdate command on a remote computer.You can combine this cmdlet in a scripted fashion to schedule the Gpupdate command on a group of computers.Once create we can use Power Shell to create a new GPO based on the Group Policy Remote Update Firewall Ports starter GPO and link the GPO to the OU or domain we want to apply this rule to.In a lab setting you may want to apply it to the whole domain in one single command.

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