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And this is annoying for the people that get the requests. Here is how to get your free unlimited extra lives in Candy Crush: Now you can return to Candy Crush and start playing the game.

We don't want to annoy our friends, so let's return to the time-hacking cheat we discussed before. The time on your i Phone is set back to normal and you can continue doing this for free unlimited extra lives.

Follow the steps above for the Candy Crush trick but adjust the time to the number of minutes you need to wait.

After you have changed the Date & Time don't forget to use Set Automatically to bring the time on your i Phone back to normal.

Before going down this route we'd advise you to either stump up some money, or play another game instead.

You can only have up to five lives at a time, so don't ask more than five people.

It's best to ask a few people at a time rather than all of the friends you have.

The Date & Time trick used in Candy Crush and Two Dots simply doesn't work in Dungeon Keeper. Please wait while your imps get your Dungeon in order".

Then you start with just the small amount of stone and gold you would have collected by waiting.

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