Get a life dating sim cheats

We were frankly relieved not to have to install and test out the app.Before going down this route we'd advise you to either stump up some money, or play another game instead.As a follow up to the 10 Greatest Cheat Codes list we compiled last year, we decided deliver an encore five-fold.We not only have a new list of cheats, but we also sprinkled in a few interesting exploits and easter eggs.Once you've connected Candy Crush to Facebook you can use the 'Ask friends for extra lives' option - effectively advertising Candy Crush to your friends in return for more playtime.

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Cheats have fizzled out in recent years, and it's difficult to pin down the reasons why.Normally Candy Crush, and i OS games like it, give you a few lives each day, and then make you wait for hours for extra lives. But you don't want to do that, so the wait for extra lives in Candy Crush can be infuriating, especially when you just want to play on.With this cheat you can skip the wait for extra lives in Candy Crush by changing the time on your i Phone. You can play, and lose, five times each day for free. But you can fool Candy Crush into thinking the time is different by changing the Date & Time Setting on your i Phone. (See also The 100 best i Pad & i Phone games, the best free i Phone apps, the best free i Pad apps, the best free i Phone games and the best free i Pad games.) There is another option: you can beg your friends for extra lives on Facebook.And this is annoying for the people that get the requests. Here is how to get your free unlimited extra lives in Candy Crush: Now you can return to Candy Crush and start playing the game.We don't want to annoy our friends, so let's return to the time-hacking cheat we discussed before. The time on your i Phone is set back to normal and you can continue doing this for free unlimited extra lives.

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