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Facebook published a blog post Thursday that gives more specifics on the pilot project.The company said it's constantly working to prevent revenge porn and was looking to try something different. 9 at p.m.: Adds information from Facebook blog post.Panic spread through the town, as people learned that more than 100 of them had been subjected to this video peeping Tom.They were even more surprised to learn that what Paro did was apparently not against the law.Instead, he was indicted for violating a relatively new Missouri statute, Missouri Statutes § 565.252, which deals with “invasion of privacy.” Under this law, a person is guilty of “invasion of privacy” if he or she “knowingly” This offense is a Class A misdemeanor.But the offense is enhanced to a Class D felony if the offender distributes the image that was taken without consent “in a manner that allows access to that image via computer” or if the offender “disseminates or permits the dissemination by any means, to another person.” Greitens was accused of invading his partner’s privacy, and also with transmitting the image via computer—he was, in other words, accused of a felony under Missouri law.

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Khloe set Nicole up with celebrity trainer, Latreal Mitchell.

As is often the case, passage of this law was a reaction to a specific scandal.

David Paro, owner of a tanning salon in Buffalo, a small town in Missouri, gave his clients private spaces in which to lie naked under tanning lights—and then secretly videotaped them.

In addition to cutting ties with her ex Mike, Nicole made her big reveal to her parents at her father's 60th birthday party.

Proud of their daughter's transformation, both mom and dad vowed to get serious about their health."I want you guys to promise me, we're never gonna go backwards. And we're gonna start eating healthier as a family," Nicole insisted.

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