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[Now], we get to see that Karamo is a father of two, Tan’s a Muslim man married to a Mormon cowboy.And Bobby’s been married for almost fifteen years now.” Collins described the search for his new Fab Five as a quest for finding a similar chemistry to his original cast from the 2003 series.

His background, his politics, his religion all come to the table. A little less deep.” Updating the original 2003 series to reflect the current social and political climate of today’s America was important for Collins, given how much things have changed.“Look how beautiful that is, a moment that myself and Tan may experience on a day to day basis, we face these fears of when a cop pulls us over,” Brown said.“Are they gonna immediately just harass us, just because of who we are?For starters, it feels possible to be more open about the Fab Five’s personal lives: “We’ve evolved in a big way,” Collins said.“If you think about the fact that our original Fab Five [didn’t use] word ‘my husband’ or ‘my boyfriend’ or ‘my kids’ — America was not ready to handle that.

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