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She waved me had the pleasure, I replied shaking the hand of the nervous looking cop.

As we shook, he handed me a case folder with his other hand.

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There situtation grows more perilous as they become immersed in the bizzare behavior of the demimonde.s a low grade cretin prick whose idea of a good time is sitting in the break room telling his buddies how much his Italian wife, Andrea, likes to be fucked in the ass.

I thought I heard a loud bang out on the street but I was too focused on dumping my load in her rectum to take a look.

A passerby called the police.s Media Liaison Group managed to keep the press from learning why Tom blew his brains out.

It warned parents and husbands to allow the bodies of females to decompose for three days before turning them over to burial attendants who might otherwise use them for sexual purposes.

It must have taken a strong stomach to let the wifes a crime like pedophilia that gets folks excited.

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