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My experience was not a negative one, as the city became almost programmed to accommodate for this latent inconvenience for females.

However, as a statement on equality, acceptance and progressive thinking this is undeniably “one for the books”.

Is this really still a topic of conversation in 2017? A beach side town, with a beautiful coast and access to some of the most coveted dining, shopping, and diving spots in the region.

Growing up it seemed so normal to me; the constant frustration, the endless obstacles that came up when planning an outing due to having to organise rides there and back, the undeniable lack of equality and reliance on third parties. As a woman in Jeddah you had to acknowledge a couple of things.

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But there is a hidden subculture that easily allows you to date and enjoy your time with a in the kingdom.

Your freedom – a loose synonym for the ability to move around or do as you please – was always directly linked, connected or intertwined with that of a male counterpart, be it your father, husband, driver, or brother.

Male friends were as taboo as they were useless in these situations. Women are allowed to drive here; this should go without saying I suppose.

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One respondent, 33 and dating, who has lived her whole life arabia the country, wrote that dating is not allowed; she does not know anyone using any such apps or websites.

Being caught driving around with a male, who was not legally allowed to escort you from point A to point B, was just as bad an offence as stealing the car yourself. However, I was so used to being driven around, to the comfort of the passenger seat or the passive daydreams of the backseat, that it took me three years to actually begin driving myself.

I know this is not the case with most women, and many leave Saudi Arabia only to hop into a car the first chance they get and speed off into the distance.

I’m making an argument for the negative impacts of instilling habits of reliance and inactiveness in female youth…

sometimes these ideas stick and it becomes difficult to break out of them, to return to normalcy.

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