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The purpose of such a community is to protect its residents from exterior violence.The same philosophy is seen on closed buildings and most shopping centres (many of them can only be accessed from inside the parking lot or the garage).In Pakistan, gated communities are located in big as well as small cities In Argentina, they are called "barrios privados" (literal translation "private neighborhoods") or just "countries" and are often seen as a symbol of wealth.However, gated communities enjoy dubious social prestige (many members of the middle and upper middle class regard gated community dwellers as nouveaux riches or snobs have their own hospital, school, shopping mall, and more.Some of the newest neighborhoods being developed are almost entirely composed of security villages, some with malls and few other essential services (such as hospitals).In part, property developers have adopted this response to counter squatting, which local residents fear due to associated crime, and which often results in a protracted eviction process.In general, the larger the association the more amenities that can be provided. For example, single-family-home communities may not have a common-area swimming pool, since individual home-owners have the ability to construct their own private pools.

Such a place is a small town with its own infrastructure (reserve power supply, sanitation, and security guards).

In New South Wales, there is Macquarie Links gated community as well as Southgate Estate gated community.

Many Australian gated communities are built within private golf courses.

They are popular in southern China, namely the Pearl River Delta Region, the most famous of which is Clifford Estates.

In Saudi Arabia, gated communities have existed since the discovery of oil, mainly to accommodate families from Europe or North America.

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