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“She’s really smart, really a fast, quick thinker,” said Alex. Affable.” Nicole repeatedly called Alex “really nice.” Neither seemed convinced that there had to be instant sparks.

“There is this notion of either you jibe or you don’t,” mused Alex.

Outside the rain poured, and their umbrellas made their parting kiss-free hug “hard to navigate,” said Nicole.

YOUR TYPESam: Someone who can help push me out of my comfort zone; a guy who knows what he wants career-wise is a huge plus; the ability to carry a conversation. All of the elements were there — or so it would seem.

From first contact, the men were struck by what Sam called their “unbelievable” similarities, starting with a physical likeness. From first contact, the men were struck by what Sam called their “unbelievable” similarities, starting with a physical likeness. We’re both wearing gray shirts.” Happily, each told me he found the other attractive. “I honestly hadn’t given much thought to [those] sorts of concerns.” “I was afraid she would be younger than she was and there’d be a gap in maturity,” explained Alex. Over dinner that included shishito-like friggitelli peppers, an off-menu scallop dish, steak and a bottle of red zinfandel, Alex attempted to get to the nuts and bolts of his potential compatibility with the decidedly grown Nicole. I was more of like, ‘Is this someone that’s interesting that I want to talk to and continue to talk to?

As it turned out, I was right to worry about commonalities. Recalled Sam: “He walked up and I was like, Oh my god! And after a hello hug, the conversation flowed like smooth jazz. “I think he asked me if I was a morning person or a night person, and I feel like those sorts of questions are more like, ‘Is this someone who’s gonna fit into my lifestyle? ’ ” “Maybe I treated it too pragmatically,” said Alex, a self-described “cut-and-dried kind of guy.” “If you’re the type of person that just wants to kind of go with the flow, then you would be really bothered by that, right?

But there were differences that gave me pause, like the fact that Joe’s favorite flicks are “Monster,” “Boyhood” and “Fargo,” while Sam insists “Spaceballs” is “the only movie that matters.” Or that Sam loves Italian food, while Joe has a sushi obsession. I work for a law school.” Marveled Sam, “It was one of those situations where he’d mention something, and I was like, ‘Yep! But if he were, he made clear to Nicole, by “princess” he does not mean someone fresh out of college.

(His worst date ever was with a dude who “ate sushi with a fork and stared at me as he chewed it.”) And I really cannot stress this enough: Billy Joel. “He was worried I was gonna be some young 23-year-old thing,” said Nicole.

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