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While it's not perfectly groomed by any stretch of the imagination, the kids just love to play ball - no matter where they are playing! Their cultures emphasis on manual labor is responsible for their high fast twitch muscle fiber make-up.

And for those athletes who are old enough, and good enough, they live, eat and sleep at the various MLB baseball academies spread throughout the D. This is where they can be seen and developed by scouts and coaches. This is crucial to becoming a high level ballplayer.

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When the body works together, a bat can be swung easier and quicker with more force. Rarely did I see a player who was an upper body swinger, even with the younger ball players.

They all used their trunk effectively and efficiently. Emphasis on "speed" strength, not muscle mass While their frames allow for large increases in muscle mass, they know that is not necessarily to hit for power or throw in the mid to high 90's.

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These include sub-maximal weight training (50-70% of 1RM) based around compound movements, medicine ball drills, odd-object lifting and bodyweight calisthenics (i.e. You certainly won't catch Dominican athletes dedicating an entire day to the bench press or heading to the gym to work "chest and tri's". While they are certainly trying to get ahead, they have the ballplayers best interest in mind at all times.Only those who were genetically blessed or who work at it can overcome these societal shortcomings.This is the one physical aspect that when improved an skyrocket your performance almost overnight.But what was extremely refreshing to see what their incredible dynamic joint range of motion throughout their hips, ankles and shoulders.This allows for high speed & power while running, throwing and swinging.

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