Does updating bios remove infection

Sure, flashing a BIOS is dangerous also, but in my mind not as risky as a newbie trying to pop out and replace a microchip physically.

Unfortunately, I'm very restricted in finances after all this, and can no longer afford to hire someone to do it for me... The library doesn't provide a very long time limit, and I need to get a clean computer and router working at home so I can finish my degree, my portfolio, and find a job.

Any suggestions on where to learn more about BIOS viruses or whatever you think might be happening in my case?

I know a lot about computers as well, but I have never seen a BIOS virus. Finally, I turned it on and the BIOS error occurred.

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There is a virus out there right now that is a popup of a virus warning and to the user it will appear as if it is their anti-virus program telling the of it and to "click here" to get rid of it.

Further, I believe that when faced with a virus infection you're probably wasting your time worrying about the BIOS. People will argue which is more of a contributing factor, but there's no denying that the fact that Windows runs on a gazillion machines is a huge factor.

) The reason that Microsoft Windows has more viruses that any other operating system isn't so much about its vulnerabilities as it is about it's success.

(I know it is the BIOS.) It's probably a 5-8 year old Dell computer, and so when I turn it on it goes *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* (A beeping noise.) and then shows several smiley faces. I was installing random access memory to make the ridiculously slow computer slightly faster because, it has only 256 mega bytes of RAM. I think (even though it probably isn't possible) that the RAM had some kind of virus.

This might be vital information: I got the RAM out of a old computer.

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