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There's some genuine craft to parts of the game's presentation, and those looking to do a little virtual ogling will probably come away at least somewhat satisfied.Still, the quasi-dating-sim aspect of the game doesn't come close to fulfilling its creepy potential, and the beach-themed minigames that populate DOAX2 are few and simple to a fault.It seems totally frivolous at first, but it's information that's worth jotting down, as these details play a big role in successfully interacting with the other girls on the island.

Keep your partner content for long enough, and she'll start reciprocating and sending you gifts, including swimsuits that are otherwise unobtainable.

All this, of course, so that he can invite all of the lovely ladies from the Dead or Alive fighting tournaments to take a nice, relaxing two-week vacation.

It's openly suggested by some characters that Zack's intentions are prurient, though beyond the prerendered cinematics that bookend the vacation, you never actually see Zack.

The largely licensed soundtrack is relentless in its cheery blend of mall-pop and overproduced reggae songs, though mercifully, you can customize the game's playlist.

You can see a lot of detailed information about each girl on the character select screen, including nationality, hobby, favorite food, and favorite color.

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    They can be sitting next to you sipping coffee at your favorite donut place or even in the park where you are walking your dog.

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