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A balding 33-year-old from Manchester, he was neither statesmanlike nor agenda-setting, nor particularly famous.Yet the magazine's headline-writer declared him: "the funniest man on the planet." Subsequent events proved them right: weeks later, a book called The World of Karl Pilkington hit the bestseller lists, while the podcasts on which Pilkington had collaborated with Gervais and Stephen Merchant entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most downloaded show of all time.

This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).The singer, 23, wants to ensure she is never betrayed again after it was alleged ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards leaked a video of her performing a sex act.She said her best friend and personal assistant Gareth Varey would sit in on her first four dates with any new man to sniff out love rats.Other than that, Nick is most likely to be hanging out with any of his showbiz pals, including Lily Allen, model Agnes Deyn and One Direction’s Harry Styles.Twitter reaction When news of Chris’ departure was announced, Twitter was divided equally between those who would be sad to see Moyles leave, and those who weren’t that bothered (oh, and a select few who couldn’t wait to see the back of him). Nick Grimshaw = Less funny than having hemorrhoids and diarrhea at the same time’ one Moyles supporter wrote, ‘Radio 1 is officially dead’. Florence Welch joined the fray too, writing: ‘CONGRATULATING YOU!

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