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The children of the common people were trained only in the occupation of their parents, but those of the nobility were highly educated, under the care of the priests, in writing, music, history, war, and religion. mz chatter box, 08/02:collin i mean in da last advice r you saying i should tell him dat i like him . chatter box , 06/02: COLLIN so you r saying dat i should tell dat gut dat i like him For the very first advice dat you gave me what bout it that guy is the one who broke up wit me is it still da same advice Collin(love doctor), 06/02:chatterbox, you shouldn't b trying to figure out if this guy still likes you or not. If you truely like this guy and want 2 b with him then confront him and tell him, im sure he'll understand, but if you cant afford losing your bf... 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All the tribes of this stock were of high culture, the Mayan civilization being the most advanced and probably the most ancient, in aboriginal North America.

The rulers of towns and villages formed a lower order of nobility, not of royal blood.

The king usually acted on the advice of a council of lords and priests.

There is no evidence of a priesthood and it is likely that priestly duties were performed by the ruler.

Under the ancient system, the Maya Government was an hereditary absolute monarchy, with a close union of the spiritual and temporal elements, the hereditary high priest, who was also king of the sacred city of Izamal, being consulted by the monarch on all important matters, besides having the care of ritual and ceremonials.

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