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This reignited interest in a roadway to Mount Vernon.

The idea generated interest among many of the individuals active in the City Beautiful movement, Colonial Revival architecture movement, and groups dedicated to promoting local and national history.

Most of this route was taken from the Washington, Alexandria and Mount Vernon Railway's right-of-way.

The southern section is a limited-access highway, but with at-grade intersections.

The idea received even more impetus when the Daughters of the American Revolution took up the cause.Congress appropriated ,000 for a survey in 1889.The United States Army Corps of Engineers conducted the survey, and in its report agreed that a superior, no-expense-spared road from Alexandria to Mount Vernon was necessary.In 1929, the city and the federal government entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA).The MOA gave the federal government a permanent and irrevocable easement over Washington Street.

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