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He remained in love with her and was jealous when she began dating Stefan.Despite his new relationship with Caroline, he never got over Elena.When Kelly returned, she disapproved of Caroline, and made a point of preferring Elena, calling Caroline a "rebound" and joking that Elena had broken Matt's heart.Caroline saw Matt looking jealously at Elena and Stefan together so organized a double date to see if he was still in love with Elena.

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When the school year started, Elena knew Matt was still upset about their break up and believed he hated her. Read on for more on the TV producer that has captured Affleck’s interest. They had a quick dinner and then returned to Ben’s house.” The two have worked together before, as Affleck is a five-time host of the long-running show and last hosted in May 2013.Elena brought Stefan to the Mystic Grill and introduced him to Bonnie, Caroline and Matt.During the Back to School Party, Matt told Elena he still believed in them and though she broke up with him because she needed some time to be alone, she didn't seem alone, as she was hanging out with Stefan.

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