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Flirting and touching a girl is all part of the grand plan of impressing her and making her like you.

But can you just touch a girl whenever you feel like it?

And during the middle of the conversation, place your hand on the table “absentmindedly”.

Does she reciprocate your move now and then by placing her own hand on the table?

Learning to pick a good date restaurant that gets both of you in a romantic mood and spares plenty of time in between each course is half the job done.

At the restaurant Have a pleasant conversation and don’t try thinking of ways to touch her just yet.

Instead, just lean in occasionally and get closer to her while talking about something.

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And if your foot is able to make the slightest of body contact with her feet, stop squirming and see if she takes her foot back.Touch her too often, and she’ll think you’re a creepy pervert.The second part of the strategy – After the restaurant If you’ve built enough chemistry in the restaurant, she’d be eager to spend a while with you.The smallest of bodily contact is always more exciting than an obvious move.Take your time and never rush through any of the steps.

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