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It’s a warm November evening in Celebration, Florida, and the town’s charming downtown is mostly quiet outside of a couple busy restaurants and a crowded ice cream shop.

The quaint rows of storefronts bring a nostalgic feel of 1940s Anywhere, USA — and everything has a Floridian teal color. at Walt Disney World, and there’s a good reason for that: The town was created by the iconic amusement park.

S.–Mexico border—yet the situation in Syria illustrates how completing a military mission may be more complicated than he might expect.

Government Oversight: Two Senate Democrats are calling on the inspector general of the Environmental Protection Agency to investigate Scott Pruitt, the agency’s head, for a potential abuse of hiring powers that was first reported by Meanwhile, after a series of data-breach scandals, federal regulators are considering four reforms that could help keep Facebook and other social-media networks in check.

Don’t just rebuild the collapsed pedestrian bridge in Miami, some local planners say.

Beyond the technical reasons why it failed, there’s a better way to make the street safer for both walkers and drivers.

The president has frequently pointed to the military in the past two weeks as a possible solution for challenges such as securing the U.

"There's a group of girls that all kind of look similar," Hale said.

"I get Sarah Hyland or Rachel Bilson or Maisie Williams.

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Happy birthday to Shirley, who shares a birthday with Betty (both are a year younger than T-shirts); to Adina’s mom (twice the age of “test-tube babies”); to Pamela’s son Terrance (twice the age of the International Space Station); and to Lawrence (16 years older than the moon landing). Sign up for a birthday shout-out, and explore the Timeline feature for yourself.

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