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Even Christian relationships tend to follow this pattern; the only difference is that we say Jesus Christ is at the center and attempt to prove that fact by praying together, attending church together, and putting a few boundaries around our physical interaction.But when emotions are leading the way, spiritual oneness cannot be developed.Think about what the passage means and what God intended.Then, think about how the section can be applied to your own life.

God’s design for His children is that they live flourishing, fulfilling, joy-filled lives in Christ.

Consider what lessons you can take away, and what changes you can make in your behavior as a result of what you read.

Devotions, the act of reading passages and praying, are a staple in most denominations.

Our culture has set a predictable pattern for beginning relationships today.

We are familiar with the routine: we see someone we are attracted to, our eyes meet theirs, we conveniently end up in a conversation with them, we spend a couple of days or weeks flirting until one of us finally admits we’d like to go out, and we start an emotions-led dating relationship in which we always try to present our best side to the other person.

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