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I want to share inspiring, hopeful messages about raising children, not scary, disturbing, cautionary ones.

But last week I heard something incomprehensible: my chiropractor, a friend for 18 years, is in jail after confessing to child molestation. Sometimes I needed repeat adjustments within the same week, and he wouldn’t charge me.

Read more | by Helen Johnson On the face of it, Jeremy Paxman’s interview with Joan Baez, broadcast recently on BBC Radio 2, could have been a straightforward plug for her current, and seemingly her last, major tour and her new album (Whistle Down the Wind).

But the choice of interviewer seemed interesting, almost provocative… Read more | by Phyllida Gardner Press censorship came into being as part of the Defence of the Realm Act, which was passed on 8 August 1914, four days after the outbreak of the first world war.

I'm in college for game developmemt, ✌🏽I like💗💗💗💗 Clingyness and phone calls.

Keith Triplett, an organiser for the project, was interviewed for the local Area Meeting newsletter and talked about the background to the idea: ‘I went into the Meeting...

Read more | by The Friend Faith and harmony I offer this response to Cap Kaylor (23 and 30 March). He was essentially Jewish in the same way as I consider myself.

I never imagined I’d be writing a post like this one.

The last thing I want is to be the bearer of bad news, stir up worry and paranoia.

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