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WARNING: This article contains information about sexual abuse which may be triggering to survivors.

I never imagined I’d be writing a post like this one.

The last thing I want is to be the bearer of bad news, stir up worry and paranoia.

When he went to his daughter and she divulged details about the abuse, he found that although she may have felt uneasy on some level, she had perceived the abuse the way her abuser had wanted her to – an affectionate little game they played together. They might get mad at me.” I’m ashamed to admit that I share this story for selfish reasons, too, in hope that spilling my thoughts will help me untangle them.

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But the choice of interviewer seemed interesting, almost provocative… Read more | by Phyllida Gardner Press censorship came into being as part of the Defence of the Realm Act, which was passed on 8 August 1914, four days after the outbreak of the first world war.I’m sharing this scenario because it was unimaginable to me and may be to you, too. For the first time I can understand how the family and friends of those who commit heinous crimes might feel. But my friend was not only a ‘person like us’, he was an especially warm, popular, charming, one, admired by many for his talent and expertise. He gave you more than the half hour you booked with him, even if you were late. He did a special healing ritual with my mother when she was sick from cancer a few months before she died.I realize now that I was self-centered and ignorant enough to assume sexual abuse would not really touch the lives of “people like me”. From an outsider’s point-of-view it’s simple and obvious: “Ugh, horrible person.” Or not even a person…. He invited us to bring our children to be adjusted for free (which seems ominous now, but my children were not victimized by him, and most others weren’t either. I saw him at least once every couple of months and kept him up to date about my life.Her publications include three collections of poetry and she also co-edited, with...Read more | by Rebecca Hardy Horsham Repair Café in West Sussex, with which local Friends are involved, was shortlisted for one of the ‘Green Heart Hero Awards’, presented at a ceremony at parliament on 13 March.

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