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Each woman was allowed to select multiple answers for those who fell under more than one type of dating mistake. Laws prohibiting relationships between cousins are only applicable to first cousins.

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Problem: Making it too easy “Men love a good challenge.What we found were the answers to the long asked, “Why didn’t he call me? “A common misconception amongst women is assuming that since they already received an offer for a date then the job is done,” says Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of Whats Your “When in reality, going on the date is barely a quarter of the battle.” The following are the seven worst dating mistakes women make in order of frequency with solutions and insight from Brandon to raise the success rate of a date. Problem: Airing out dirty laundry aka the ex-boyfriend 94% of the men claimed that they dated women who discussed their ex-boyfriends within the first or second date.So, to help facilitate great conversations steer clear of staring deep into his eyes (save that for later when you don't even need words).Instead, plan an activity that keeps his body busy and his brain and heart free, like going for a hike or playing a board game. Activities that play to his strengths give him an opportunity to teach you something, which is a confidence boost too!

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