Datacontext submitchanges not updating

For example, the following C# code: Using db As New Sample Data Context() Dim employee As New Employee With Dim master As New Master() master. Employee = employee Dim child As New Child() child. When a new entity is attached, deferred loaders for any child collections (for example, Entity Set collections of entities from associated tables) are initialized. When Submit Changes is called, members of the child collections are put into an state.

Just pass in either the original or modified object and set the .As Enumerable() End Function An instance of a data context should have a lifetime of one "unit of work." In a loosely-coupled environment, a unit of work is typically small, perhaps one optimistic transaction, including a single call to instances are not intended to be kept alive for long periods of time across arbitrary numbers of transactions.This method will return Product objects but not the collection of Order_Detail objects that are associated with each Product.Delete operations involve optimistic concurrency checks, and the object to be deleted must first be attached to the new data context.In this example, the to indicate that the object does not have a timestamp (Row Version).

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