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Soon, you’ll make new friends and attend all sorts of events, even play parties!

My advice on where to start looking for community events:

You may be new to or have a lot of experience in the BDSM community.” I can promise you that most community leaders are going to be very friendly and welcome you with open arms. I didn’t have anyone to go with, and I was worried about what I might experience.I sent an email to a group leader and explained that I was new. However, if you’re a bubbly outgoing Little who wants to meet everyone, that’s okay too. It’s not okay to run up and start hugging anyone and everyone. What to expect at some of the more generic events: Munches: Social gatherings at restaurant type places where kinky people get together to eat, drink, and socialize.With a measure of common sense and high regard for the community and others, I’m sure you will find a Little whom you can cherish from the tips of her toes to the ends of her pigtails. By Lolita Hayes You’re finally ready to get out in your local BDSM community, meet other Littles, and (oh my goodness) maybe even find a caregiver!Well, let’s talk about some important things you need to think about first.

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