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Note: A "0%" finding means the candidate was not a part of the poll.

The polls above may not reflect all polls that have been conducted in this race.

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As of July 2015 Indiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina had withdrawn implementation of the standards, and Tennessee and North Carolina had passed legislation that allowed for repeal and replacement of Common Core.

The state with the lowest average debt held by students was Utah, where average student debt was about ,921.

Conversely, students who graduated in Delaware held an average of about ,808 in debt, the highest in the country.

The benefits have been felt on many levels and include the revival of depressed economic areas, lower energy prices, an increase in manufacturing, especially in the petrochemical and steel industries, and even reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The risks of fracking, which pumps large amounts of water mixed with chemicals and sand into shale formations, have been raised by environmentalists and focus on water table contamination and depletion, air pollution, methane leaks, earthquakes, and landscape despoilment.

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