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Anvarohana ("ascension" to the pyre) is occasionally met, as well as satidaha as terms to designate the process.Few reliable records exist of the practice before the time of the Gupta empire, approximately 400 CE although the Greek historian Aristobulus of Cassandreia, who traveled to India with the expedition of Alexander the Great, recorded that he had heard that among certain tribes widows were glad to burn along with their husbands, and that those who declined to die were disgraced. Harle, the medieval memorial stones appear in two forms – viragal (hero stone) and satigal (sati stone), each to memorialize something different.As Ethan finds himself in the middle of an investigation that rubs too deeply against his soul and Jack tries to balance leading the free world and keeping his and Ethan’s relationship going, the two men must face what their love has become…and where they are heading together.

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In the province of Bengal, sati was attended by a colonial government official, which states historian A. Salahuddin Ahmed, "not only seemed to accord an official sanction, but also increased its prestige value".

Before Ethan returns to DC…Before he becomes Jack’s first gentleman…Jack and Ethan share their first Christmas together.

Step back to Jack and Ethan’s first Christmas season and the tentative early months of their relationship under the world’s spotlight.

Between 18, the number of sati in Bengal province doubled from 378 to 839.

Under sustained campaigning against sati by Christian missionaries such as William Carey and Brahmin Hindu reformers such as Ram Mohan Roy, the provincial government banned sati in 1829.

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