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It is also called “shacking up” or living together or moving in with one another.Throughout this article, I will refer to non-married people as “partners”.

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However, economical advantages shouldn’t solely determine whether something is morally right or wrong.

I will discuss alternatives to cohabitation towards the end of this article. If you haven’t already guessed, it is one people have. Cohabiters tend to live together for various reasons. They may need to rely on one another for financial reasons, they want to see if they can “test the waters” before marriage, they want to prove to the world that they are independent or they just feel that they “need somebody”.

All these reasons are natural and there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. During a cohabiting situation, the partners usually end up sexually intimate.

This can lead to emotional and even physical abuse. They might feel trapped or as if they are running a vicious cycle. This type of cohabiting relationship occurs when the person wants to prove to their peers or parents that they are free to make their own choices and are foundation for the partners to stand on.

It is a weak excuse to cohabitate and more often than not, the two cohabiters break up not too long into the “relationship”.

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