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That movement eventually ousted the brutal Megstu regime in 1991 and gave Ethiopia its first taste of democracy in centuries.

Memhir Gebrekidan Desta interview with Radio Snit part 1, 2 and 3 Most Tigraians speak Tigringya but there are small minorities that speak other languages.

Its monasteries became centers for learning, translating Greek and Hebrew books, including the Bible in the fifth century.

By the end of the sixth century Islam was introduced to the kingdom Axom in Tigrai.

Saho, Afar, Kunam and Agew are also spoken by the respective communities.

Tigringya has its own alphabet which is derived from Geez.

Tigringya became the official language of the state of Tigrai when the derg regime colapsed in the 1990s.The economically active age group accounts about 51.8 % of the total population.In terms of religion 95.5% of the population are Orthodox Christians, 4.1% and 0.4% are Muslims and Catholics respectively.They symbolize national pride and consciousness for all Tigraians.Today Axum a small town in central Tigrai is a tourist magnet attracting tourists from all over the world.

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