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Inside this building are classrooms, religious areas, culinary arts, kitchen facilities, dining halls and laundry services.While visitors did not have access to the entire correctional center, they were able to see many areas.The design is compact, yet it occupies a lot of space."The facility's design is campus style with four 256-bed regular housing units (with 4-person rooms), a 240-bed step down unit (with two person rooms) a 76-bed administrative segregation unit, a 96-bed mental health unit, and a 200-bed reception and diagnostic unit.

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CAPTION: All 481 offenders formerly housed at the old Chillicothe Correctional Center on Third Street were transferred overnight to the new prison (above) in north Chillicothe. Thursday and the last offender arrived at the new facility at a.m. Around 150 members of the emergency squad from other correctional centers assisted in the move.

"Two were arriving as two were leaving." The last few transports were from the segregation units and they were transported via 15-passenger vans rather than in buses.

The Emergency Squad was fed a hot breakfast this morning and the offenders were given a sack breakfast to eat in their housing units while staff completed census counts.

The warden noted that many of the favorable comments made were in regards to the food service area.

The new facility has its own bakery, two convection ovens (large enough to walk into), a 140-quart mixer, four 80-gallon kettles, a 60-gallon kettle, an industrial potato peeler capable of peeling a 50-pound bag of potatoes in minutes, a refrigerator measuring 27 feet by 50 feet, a freezer (42 feet by 56 feet), a thaw box (18 feet by 29 feet), a day freezer (12 feet by 18 feet) and a day refrigerator (11 feet by 18 feet).

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