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Six buses from other correctional institutions (including two backup buses) were involved in the operation.

"We had two runs going at a time, with two buses in each run," Miller said.

Inside this building are classrooms, religious areas, culinary arts, kitchen facilities, dining halls and laundry services.

While visitors did not have access to the entire correctional center, they were able to see many areas.

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The Vandalia facility, the only other female correctional center in the state, is between 500 and 600 offenders over its design capacity.

CAPTION: The public was given the rare opportunity to tour the new Chillicothe Correctional Center which the state built for 0 million. The state may begin moving offenders from the prison on Third Street to the new facility in October. The doors of the new Chillicothe Correctional Center opened for public tours on Saturday with a steady stream of visitors funneling in and out throughout the day.

I am a natural, optimistic, life- loving person, who can find something new and beautiful in things surrounding me every day."A lot of people were amazed at the size of the facility," said Chillicothe Correctional Center Warden Jennifer Miller."You don't get full appreciation of how big it is from street.Among stops were the administration building, the receiving and diagnostic unit, the medical services area, the administrative segregation unit (where offenders are isolated for various reasons), central services building, and the training building.Visitors were also able to tour housing units 7 and 8.

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