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In some shopping carts (like Shopify) it's possible to setup real-time shipping quotes - in other words, your customers more or less pay exactly what you would pay to ship your products.There are always small discrepancies that can happen, of course, but in many cases you can end up breaking even between the shipping charges you collect and what you ultimately have to pay to ship the package.Studies have shown that shipping and handling fees are the number one factor driving shopping cart abandonment.With this information in mind, let's look at the three most common shipping options and the pros and cons of each.This is where additional apps like Sum All, Stitch Labs, Ship Station, and others can help you find information and alternatives (both with shipping carriers and methods) that you may not have had access to previously.About the Author: Erika Jarvi is the Social Media and Content Manager at Ship Station - a web-based shipping solution that streamlines the order fulfillment process for online retailers. This is a best practice you should be doing anyway to make sure that you don't drastically undercharge or overcharge your customers.When you hit the right cost, you'll probably be over - or under - the actual shipping cost by a little, but it should even out in the end.

And this is something you're going to want to get right.This is where you have to consider either a different option entirely, or absorbing the cost for shipping on most of your items. Large or particularly heavy items like full tower PC cases or furniture can cause some problems for your 'Free Shipping' promotion.Doing your research and knowing your numbers about things like how much each of your products actually costs to ship, how your competitors handle shipping, and your allowable profit margin can help you make the right decision.Chubbies offers free shipping on all their shorts (including return shipments) and which they proudly display on their website so customers shopping know that the price they see is the price they pay.Determining whether to offer free shipping or require a minimum threshold often comes down to your margins and the niche you operate in.

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