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Aired 9-10p ET • Attorney Used Trump Organization E-mail in Stormy Daniels Deal; Interview with Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels' Lawyer; Cohen Says He Used His Own Home Equity Line for Stormy Daniels Payment; WH Appears to Add Then Deny Conditions on Trump-Kim Meeting; NRA Sues Florida After Governor Signs New Gun Control Bill.

Aired on 8-9p ET • Dems Looking to Flip House Seat Tonight in Key Race; Absentee and Provisional Ballots Arrived At Election Center; Candidates Neck and Neck in Pennsylvania House Race. Aired 11-p ET • Republicans on House Intel Committee Ends Russia Probe Interviews Without Consulting Democrats; The British Suspects Russia Poisoned Former Russian Spy and His Daughter in England; NY Times' Maggie Haberman Stands By Reporting Amid Blistering Personal Criticism From President Trump; Trump and Trudeau Held Second Phone Call Today.

Ronny Jackson Is The New Veterans Affairs Secretary; Video In The Case Of Alton Sterling, A Man Killed By Police In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, In 2016 Was Released; Detailed Look at Special Counsel Robert Mueller; Coffee to Get Cancer Warning in California.

Aired 9-10p ET • Source: Mueller Pushes for Gates' Help on Collusion; President Trump Tweets Photos and Says New Border Wall Construction has "Started;" New CNN Polling Out Tonight Showing Voters Have Predictions For The 2020 Presidential Elections; Going to Extreme Lengths for Clean Water in Martin County.

Aired on 8-9p ET • President Trump to Meet With Kim Yong-un, South Korea Says Meeting Will Be By May; Source: President Trump Upset With Sarah Sanders Over How She Handles Questions About Stormy Daniels; Lewandowski Testifies Before House Intel Committee.

Aired 9-10p ET • The President and the Porn Star, Stormy Daniels; Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel; Justice Department Sues California Over Immigration Enforcement.

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