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The three ladies, who John cheated on, plot with Kate to make his life miserable. “I still think that Jesse Metcalfe did a great job playing off that scene where he’s drinking all the estrogen and freaks out,” she says.In the movie, the girls tamper with his protein drink and he begins to cry during a basketball game.Many promote the movement by writing "Love is Louder" on the palm of their hands. Jesse and I were in the gym every morning before work and after work before filming that scene. BS: The scene where I'm on the boat with Jesse — I told the hair and makeup lady [that I wanted] a fun updo on the boat so it didn’t get messed up when it was windy.

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BRITTANY SNOW: I think it would have to be the initial volleyball scene where we get into a fight, because all of the girls and I were together. “She’s probably doing something really smart and she’s probably broken out of her shell a little bit,” she says.“I loved playing a character that was so shy because I definitely was very shy back then and that was definitely the character that was most like me growing up. I feel like she was always interested in people.” Snow has come a long way since John Tucker Must Die."I created a story in my head of someone who saw their crush at a party that we’ve always done and can relate to.And this bracelet is easier to find them," she explains.

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