Blue screen while updating ati drivers the dictionary of dating quotes

It also includes Cookie's Home Tab and Cookie's Home Tab Editor.Info from Miri: Removed some applications that I don't consider much needed but anyway you can install them by cabs found on forum.t=2199* : Updated all languages to 576mb enabled* : All Languages are made equally.* : OBOE Manila will be my ROM Core for Future ROMs* : My ROMs are based on Stock Philosophy which users can modify afterwards.* : ROMs are tweaked to maximum performance so please test ROM first before customising.* : Long Press Send key opens up CMBand Switching easy to change 3G/GSM* : Please hard reset after flashing or do a mtty before flashing the Rom.* :7z911to extract folder link below: TESTING THE ROM FOR PERFORMANCE* Flash your'e desire language ROM* Hard reset after ROM Flash* Task 29 before Flashing ROM either choice* DO NOT INSTALL ANY 3RD PARTY APPS UNTIL TRYING THE ROM FIRST, This is due to a number of reasons, new files drivers etc.* I dont use 3rd part apps or messed with tweaking as my rom is fully tweaked as how i use it daily.* After testing the rom and your'e happy, Install 1x APP at a time and use it, soft reset and try the device to see if anything strange or any bug as arise.PLEASE NOTE FOR Flashing Cooked Roms for leo we have to use BEPE HSPL which can be found here and all instructions on how to: t=611433Cookie ' Energy' style•This is the best ROM version and the way Sense should have been designed by HTC•Offers the biggest customization ability out of all versions.You can add/remove bars or items, arranges items on the homescreen any way you like•Three built in lockscreens.•Microsoft Facebook (new version)•Youtube•Google Maps v4.1•Office 2010•Torch Button•HTC Task Manager•BSB Tweaks•Registry Editor•PIM Backup•Wi Fi Toggle•Bluetooth Toggle•Soft-Reset button (in start menu)• others [Removed]•Windows Live Messenger•Sample Music•Themes•Some others[Current known issues]n/a[Disclaimer]While I have tested this ROM extensively, you use this ROM at your own risk, and I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your device.

You MUST use Radio:2. or 2. or 2. or 2. or 2._2 (Some others are also Compatible but not tested by me)Changelog V 17.6 - Integrated Skinned DINIK - Anastasia - Clock Hero v1.0.

X (Uninstallable)- Black EVO Dialer (Uninstallable)- LMT Launcher- Swype- TCPMP- MP3 Trimmer- Navi Panel- Live Messenger- Facebook- BN Reader- RSS Hub- Time Sync TZ- PHM Reg Editor- Pocket RAR- Total Commander- Clean RAM- Turbo Contact Backup- STK Service- JBlend- Jet Cet Print- SMS Time Stamp Fixer- Hotmail in Providers List- LSK set to ”All People”- MMS Size = 1024Kb- 4 Rows Start Menu- Wi-Fi On Demand- No Top Curtain All my ROM's have the above cooked in.

The Series below illustrate the different "Flavors" they come in.

OCT 29th 2010 CHANGE-LOG Duttys HD2 ML Family ROM (V5) |WWE|FRA|GER|SVE|SPA|PTG|ITA|NOR|DAN|NLD|CHS|ELL|R US|3.14|2019|576MB|* Release candiadate COM3 Branch 5.2.23144.5.3.10 Change Log* Fixed New contact and New Number Saving. Mail should be working for all in this version* Added In_Call_Recorder_1_1_20162725_01 set to Record to Storage Card* In call recorder will be translated to all languages in V5* Removed MS Native recording since HD2 record both sides is fully fixed now.* Added Duttys own modified Stock HD2 Lockscreen in Cab section link post * Rom optimised for user experience, Rock stable, fast and close to bug free* Please Note all you need is to do a Hard Reset or Task29 before Flashing.* Please Note that testing ROM before Customising is essential before bug reporting Things to Know how about my ROMs:* Please note users who use my ROMs please post feedback and thank you.* I will be updating Langugae ROMs in future depending on user feedbacks.* My ROMS are Compatable with all HD2 Models* Remove World Card Mobile [Cab Available]* Remove World Card Mobile [Cab Available]* Remove Most Ringtones [Cab Available]* Also My E-Reader cab is already available online so just install the Document tab cab first.

[WWE Only]* This Oboe Manila doesnt support Landscape but mod cab can be installed from here: Updated Leo Base and Drivers to T-Mous 3.14 576 RAM enabled* HSPL 1.66 Minimum required* New Radio 2. can be flashed here:

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