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Desiree, Nikki and Kim sign up for a Tae-Bo class instructed by Billy Blanks.

Nikki accidentally punches Professor Oglevee out-cold and decides to take care of him.

Beyond that and in comparison, however, the remaining categories have little or no major objectionable material.

Even so, we strongly suggest that you take a closer look at the content should you or someone else in your home wish to see this film.

In order to make some extra money, Kim, Nikki, Stevie and Anthony try to put together a calendar of Santa Monica College "hottest hunks." While Anthony has a crush on Kim, she ignores him until Nikki gives him a makeover.Extreme amounts of sexual discussions -- concerning various matters -- occur throughout the film, and several scenes show sexual encounters and nudity.Profanity is also extreme with at least 25 "f" words and others, while drug and alcohol use is heavy due to one character's pot smoking.Something of a half drama, half documentary hybrid, the film never quite manages to succeed in either form.A female skewed variation of the short street interview segments found in HBO's "Real Sex" (and countless other documentaries), the supposedly nonfiction elements of the film offer little in the way of surprises, remarkable insight, or even steamy material.

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