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This is the countrys first European title in 22 years, dating back to when the country was known as the Soviet Union.

What does this gold medal performance mean for Russia and the game of basketball in Russia? There are thousands of Russian fans all around Russia cheering for us. For 10 years we couldnt step over the quarterfinals and we really struggled with it. Finally this year we broke that barrier, went to the final and won the game against a great team Spain in Spain, in front of 15,000 Spanish fans. If you told me before the championship we were going to win, I would probably laugh at that because no one really counted on us. But I think all of us had mini-goals which we set up for the first group get as many points as we can and advance to the next round.

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When he was asked about it, however, Kirilenko said he was surprised but wouldn't be taking up the offer."Of course it was a surprise," he said, "but I'm not planning on doing anything."He gave up million remaining on the final year of his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves for .18 million in earnings for the 2013-14 year playing for the Nets.

Kirilenko: Every newspaper, we are on the front page. For most of the guys who are 22, 23 years old, young guys, they are being congratulated by all their parents, relatives, fans.

Of course we met with our government people who are really impressed with our performance and they are so happy we made the Olympics. I think right now, we have a great chance to develop our basketball.

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