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The first rocket to put humans on the moon was built in Huntsville, now nicknamed Rocket Capital of the World and theres a great Space and Rocket Center here.

The coastal city of Mobile is famous for its Mardi Gras Carnival which began right there in 1703.

Both are masterpieces in their own way, but each of them has a different style. Sergio Leone is a real master when it comes to creating a special atmosphere, full of mystery, surprises and drama...

You don't compare a Picasso to Michelangelo's Sixteen Chapel either, do you? He's one of the few directors who understands the art of cutting a movie in such a way that you stay focused until the end.

I can really recommend this movie to everyone, but especially to people who like the gangster genre.The way the movie was cut is also the reason why a lot of Americans don't think this movie is very special.There are three versions, but only the European version is how the director imagined it to be.According to James Woods, a critic dubbed the film (in its two hour and twenty-four minute version) the worst of 1984.Several years later, that same critic watched the original three hour and forty-nine minute version, and called it the best of the 1980s.

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