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He begged that i stay and that he"lost" his family na daw then i would leave him.

When my in-laws know about this filipina, they frown at the ideaof their eldest grandson dating a non-chinese girl.

They have things they donot fully know or understand that they fear.

We dont have a choice but to endour relationship kase hindi niya daw ako kaya ipaglaban sa familyniya.

Theyregood-looking and have just about everything most men would want— but unfortunately, their personality is so unsophisticated andabrasive that they repel most women — women with depth anyway. syempre tama what the other readers saidhere, it really depends on knowing where you stand. after all, he canhave her custom-made to his preference (long blonde hair, green eyes,510, in a black evening gown) and theres no awkwardness regardingsex and the like because hey, if the price is right, then the nightshis night.

Thatguy and i never became a couple though because his family forbade it. Good luck with that :)replydeleteanonymous7 december 2015 at hi just would like to askfor suggestion.

On account siguro of allthe bad manners the oldies see from them na di marunong magexcuse meetc.

My family is still traditional in many ways andit is hard to bring in someone from other cultures.

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But its worth knowing that the way companies serve up targeted ads isgrowing ever more sophisticated: its even possible for them tofollow users as they use the internet on different devices.

As long as the non-chinese woman is decent and successful (orat least shows a lot of potential to become great in life), there isno problem.

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