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Oh, joy.) What the price accomplishes, besides, well, generating revenue, is that it helps filter out people who are either totally broke, or totally noncommittal. " (These were actual messages I've received.) In a recent piece on cyber-dating, San Francisco Magazine writer Gordy Slack bemoaned the fact that it's so hard to avoid class conflict when dating in San Francisco: It's one of the few cities where moneyed, techie strivers really do constantly rub elbows with unemployed artists, so there's always that awkward moment of deciding whether to spring for a date at Delfina, or opt for a candlelit dinner of Ramen and PBR.

Yet there's still a weird mystique around online dating — probably because it's a combination of two things that leave a bad taste in your mouth: cyberspace and old-fashioned matchmaking.

It's curated in a way that invites high expectations.

Some people even have suggested I might be up for serious legal problems, and I just feel so stressed out every single day about the situation.

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