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James: ^ Testimony * ^ Prepared statement * Moon, Kev, Sun Myung: „ Testimony ; tint Moon, Rev.On the other hand, there are people who feel that the religious freedoms contemplated by the Founding Fathers are, for the most part, being fully protected.In arranging for this oversight hearing, the subcommittee has made every effort to include a wide variety of viewpoints from a representative sampling of all religious groups active ii\today America.We may need to hold followup hearings to get ah-even wider variety of viewpoints.

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By any standard of measurement, there has been an alarming acceleration of disputes between American citizens and Govern- ment officials over the proper role of the Government in the affairs of churches.

* T Appendix B-The Report of the Governor's Christian School Issue -t P^iel |i Appendix C-Nebraska Civil Liberty Uniop ' Appendix D— United States Civil Right* Commission Report, dated . Appendix E— Enabling Act of Congress, 1864 * • LWt A-35! Court Interpret2rs Act ■ vr'r'T'i'^k ' C— Ai Tidavit of Robert E. re to conversation with Dina Kohn, v Dir#rtor of the U. District Court Interpt Stere Office m New York 47-2 P— Litter dated October 9, 1984 to Takeru Kamiyama from William K. Ratchford from William E- Foley, Dirlctor, Administrative Office of the VS. 477 H-Letter dated September 28, 1984 to Takeru Kamiyama from Ron Paul.

Surf Myung— Continued .-^ • Prepared statement # * Siieven, Faster. ^ Prepared itatement : 17 Appendix A— Nebraska Law Review, Freedom rf Religion.

grpat gift of America to eivilizatln and the world • • • : ^ T ^ The concept of religidus freedom has been central in the^political philosophy of the leaders of our Nation sinc^slhe Pilgrims first landed at Plymouth Rock iri 1620.

The right of every man to be free from governmental coercion or inter- / ference in his personal relationship with his Creator is -fundamen-^ tal to our free and democratic wky of life. , ~~ v As historian Sanfotd Cobb has so accurately observed: Among all the benefits to mankind to which this soil has given rite, this pure reli- gious liberty may be justly rated as the?

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